Braceface Pornography Story: Sharon’s Very first Anime Con – Chapter Two

Braceface Pornography Story: Sharon’s Very first Anime Con – Chapter Two

Now on to my
second fanfic of Braceface!

That morning
Sharon learn about the wonderful world of Manga and Anime during
there trip with there mother. After meeting her new friend Miriam
who was guiding her on her first anime con, but Sharon thought she
had stuck out like a sore thumb.

“What is
it Sharon? Is something wrong?” asked Miriam

“Well I
feel like I stick out like a sore loser, I don’t have any costume. If
I don’t have one I feel like I got “NOOB” writen all over
my face” said Sharon as she looked on other cosplayers around

“Well, I
think I have something for you if you like” said Miriam, she
grab Sharon’s hand and both of them went into the convention and
looking for the ladies room.

Once they
found it, they went in and Miriam was looking in her backpack.

are you looking for?” ask Sharon, then Miriam pulled out a long
red hooded jacket with black pants and a black jacket with white
trimmings. AKA Fullmetal Alchemist!

Perfect! Okay this costume is from the anime and manga series call
Fullmetal Alchemist, your gonna be dress as Edward Elric, and I don’t
think that you will be needing the blonde wig since you already had
blonde hair!” she said with a smile.

Sharon went
into one of the stalls to change into her costume, and when she came
out she looked like a female Edward. Miriam then helped her with her
hair, to make it into a long braid.

this looks great! But I should learn more about this character,
right?” ask Sharon

Prob! Edward is a short 15 year old who has a very short temper when
ever someone says “Short” lol, he has a little brother
who’s soul is stuck in a Armor, and offen get’s mistaken for the
older brother. They are trying to get there body pieces back, well
only Ed and Alphonse is trying to get his body back. Did I mention
that Edwards right arm and left leg is all metal?” said Miriam

blinked a few times and then finally said “I think I get it”,
then they both laugh.

“Okay I
think your ready! Steady! GO!” she said as they both ran out of
the ladies room.

Before Sharon
could take another step, she was stoped and asked if they could take
pictures of her. “Miriam what do I do?” asked Sharon

pose with her hands slap together” said Said, as she step back

here it goes” thought Sharon as she was about to slap her hands
together, her braces were acting up because of the lights above her
which made it look like flashing light by her hands and people
started to take alot of pictues.

“Oh no
my braces!?” she thought

was kewl!” said a boy, holding a camera

“Hey can
you do that again” said another

“Try to
get more action poses” said another

said Sharon, as she tryed to make her braces make the same flash and
oddly enough it did. People gather more to take pictures of her.

“Come on
Sharon, let’s go hit the dealers room” said Miriam as she stole
her away from the flashing cameras.

“Did you
see that! That was amazing!” said Sharon as she was giggling to

“How did
you make that flash thingy?” as Miriam

braces do weird things such as that” said Sharon

should call you Fullmetal Braces” said Miriam with a laugh

a good nickname” laugh Sharon

They finally
made it into the dealers room where Miriam was showing her the manga
for FMA, which made Sharon buy the first two volumes. While they
were in there, more people were asking them if they can take there
pictures as Edward and Winry.

reminds me, I saw this guy dress as Cloud from…um…I can’t
remember the name of the show, but he did rescue me in the hallways,
and I wonder if I can find him and thank him” said Sharon as she

luck girl! There are tons of guys dress as Cloud Strife from FFVII
here” said Miriam as she was eating pocky.

said Sharon as she looked around her and it was true, but she would
know his face. But then she thought that it was hopeless.

After seeing
a new anime programs, Sharon thought it was time for her to go.

getting late and I should be going” said Sharon as she yawned.

“Yeah, I
should call my brother to pick me up.” Miriam said as she looked
at the time.

“Oh do
you want your costume back?” asked Sharon as she was about to
take the red coat off.

it’s okay, you can keep it” said Miriam

“Are you
sure, it looks like you spend alot of time on it” she said

easy to make, beside! You look much more better in it then me lol”
said Miriam witha smile.

Both of them
made there call, and waited by the main door. Sharon had her clothes
in her bag with her new mangas. Then there rides came.

I’ll see you again okay!” said Sharon, as she was about to get
in the van.

“Hey um
I have another costume if you like to borrow again” said Miriam.

Sure, see ya Miriam” said Sharon as she got in. Then they drove

“That is
a really cute costume you have there Sharon” said her mother as
she was admiring the costume that Sharon was wearing.

Miriam said I could have it” Isn’t that neat!” said Sharon,
as she took out her books and started to read them.

When they
came back to the hotel, Sharon realized that she hasn’t eaten
anything yet! That was before she was being tease by her big brother
Adam, but she wasn’t paying attention to him.

All she was
doing was waiting for the Second day of her first anime convention.

AnimeJanice 2008

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