Braceface Pornography Story: Decisions Chapter 7

Braceface Pornography Story: Decisions Chapter 7

Sharon opened up the door and did not hesitate to give her best friend a big, tight hug as soon as she saw her. When she finally let go of the hug, she let Maria in and lead her into her room. They both sat down on Sharon’s bed.

“Thank you so much for coming over, Maria! You have no idea how much this means to me.”

“Hey, no problem. You’re my best friend and I know you would have done the same for me.”

The girls were silent for about a minute or two. Finally, Maria spoke up.

“So… does anyone else know that you’re… with child?” Maria asked while looking towards Sharon’s stomach, which actually was starting to show a little bit.

“No, no one else knows yet. You’re the first person I told.”

“And this flu you’ve had all week? Is that really morning sickness?”

“Yeah, apparently. Except I don’t know why its called morning sickness when it lasts all day. I was up puking my guts out until, like, 2 AM last night.”

“Ooh, that sounds rough.”

“Yeah, it was. Not fun at all, believe me.”

“Do you know if you’re going to keep the baby yet… or even have it at all?”

“No, I’m not sure yet. I guess I’m going to have to talk to Alden about it and see what he wants to do.”

“Yeah, you’re going to have to tell him… and you have to tell your mom.”

“My mom… Sharon shook her head “No, I can’t. She will kill me.”

“Sharon, you have to! She’s going to find out sooner or later.”

She’s going to hate me for this…

“No, she won’t. I mean, I’m sure she won’t be happy about it at first, but she’s not going to hate you. Besides, your mom is a shrink. She has talked to pregnant teenagers before.”

“Yeah, but none of those teenagers were her daughters! She doesn’t even know that Alden and I were sleeping together! So what the hell am I supposed to tell her now? That we have been lying and sneaking around for the past eight months or so and now I’m pregnant because of it? We haven’t even been using condoms or birth control or anything like that. God, I’m such an idiot!” Sharon broke down and started to cry again.

“Wait, you mean this entire time, you guys haven’t been doing anything at all to prevent pregnancy?”

“No. I mean, we talked about using condoms when we first started having sex. But since neither of us get much privacy in our houses, we were afraid someone would find them and I was afraid someone in my family would find out if I went on the pill, so I didn’t bother. I just never thought that teen pregnancy would ever happen to someone like me. Im a good kid. Well, I usually am most of the time. And its not like Im some kind of slut who sleeps around. Alden is the only guy Ive ever been with.” Sharon was now laying down on the bed and sobbing hard. She pulled a pillow up to her chest and hugged it tight.

“Damn, no wonder…

The girls were silent again for another couple of minutes. Maria didn’t know what to say. She knew that Sharon and Alden had been having sex, but she always assumed that they were being responsible about it. After all, they were both usually intelligent people and they seemed to know what they were doing. But apparently, they weren’t even trying to prevent pregnancy or STDs (not that either of them had one, of course). Maria couldn’t take the silence anymore, so she decided to say something to break it.

“You still have to tell your mom.”

“I know.” Sharon sighed “I think I’ll talk to Alden first though. That way we can both figure out how to tell our families and we can try to decide what to do.”

“Good idea.”

“He’s probably going to break up with me again, just like he did in the ninth grade.”

“Why would he break up with you again?”

“Because I’m pregnant.”


“Maria, teenage boys are always abandoning their girlfriends after they get pregnant. No teenager wants that kind of responsibility.”

“Well, not all of them do. Some guys actually do stick around and help out. Sometimes they even get married. Besides, Alden isn’t like that. You should know that better than me.”

“He wanted to go traveling with Mangled Metal this summer, remember? How is he going to do that if he has to help me take care of a baby?”

“So they can postpone the tour. Sharon, Alden is going to want to help you in any way he can. Trust me. He loves you.”

“I really hope you’re right.”

Maria went over and hugged her best friend. “Don’t worry. Everything is going to be okay.”

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