Braceface Pornography Story: Operation Enlivenment – Chapter Three

Braceface Pornography Story: Operation Enlivenment – Chapter Three

Aldens POV

Running his hand through his hair for probably the hundredth time, Alden stared at himself critically in the mirror. Growling in a combination of impatience and nervousness, he turned and walked towards his desk before sprawling in his desk chair and signing online.

::: Pitch Black online 05:37:53 :::

Scanning through his buddy list, he realized there werent very many people online. Brock, Conner and Sharon. Growling at himself for the jolt of happiness he felt when he saw her screen name, he stared out the window for a few minutes until the sounds of a couple incoming IMs interrupted his thoughts.

BrockTheMAN: Whats up dude?!

T*~CutiePieGurl~*T: hi!! my names crystal and I jus wnated to say I LUV ur band… you guy sound like SO TOTALLY AWESOM!!

Rolling his eyes, he accidentally closed the IM window. Theres nothing more annoying then little teenyboppers with crappy spelling… love not luv, awesome not awesome… Is it honestly that hard?

Pitch Black: Hey Brock, not much is happening… you?
BrockTheMAN: Bullshit dude, I heard you and Sharon hooked up! Its about damn time…
Pitch Black: We didnt really hook up hook up… Its sort of complicated…

More than you could even guess…

BrockTheMAN: In other words you havent gotten any… yet… just make sure to use a condom… *snicker*
Pitch Black: Brock, Sharons not like that so just shut your mouth or Ill shut it for you.
BrockTheMan: Someones touchy tonight… nervous?


Pitch Black: Hell no… I have everything under control…
BrockTheMAN: You wish…
Pitch Black: Ha, kis

Blondie: Hey Ald! You ready? Because Im leaving right now…
Pitch Black: s my ass


Pitch Black: Ack! Sorry! Brock is being himself…
Blondie: Hehe, no prob Ald… anyways, hope your ready because Im leaving now, grabbing some take out for us then picking you up… Id give it 10 minutes…
Pitch Black: thats a

BrockTheMan: Someones typing one handed…
Pitch Black: great idea!

Grr… Go away…

Pitch Black: *a great idea… Chinese?
Blondie: *grins* Of course! Your usual?
Pitch Black: But of c

BrockTheMAN: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Just dont get yourself messy…
Pitch Black: ourse…
Pitch Black: Grr… s

Blondie: Too many IMs?
Pitch Black: hut up!
Pitch Black: Er… Ignore that…
Blondie: Dont worry I will… Well Ald, see ya in 10… =)
Pitch Black: See ya later b

T*~CutiePieGurl~*T: hello?
Pitch Black: babe…
T*~CutiePieGurl~*T: hehe, hi sexy…

Gah, someone shot me now…

Pitch Black: Uh, hey…
T*~CutiePieGurl~*T: *giggles* your like so totally hot…
Pitch Black: Um, thanks… howd you get my screen name?
T*~CutiePieGurl~*T: some1 from skool… anyways… r u like seeing any1?

Uh… is it considered lying in this situation?

Pitch Black: Yeah.
T*~CutiePieGurl~*T: *pouts* who
Pitch Black: I really dont think thats any of your business.
T*~CutiePieGurl~*T: hehehe, wotever cutie so like what r u wearing?

Here it goes…

Pitch Black: Clothes.
T*~CutiePieGurl~*T: Mmmm…


Pitch Black: Listen, I got to go meet my girlfriend for dinner. Ill catch you later!
T*~CutiePieGurl~*T: i cant wait sexy *MUAH*

::: Pitch Black offline 05:44:17:::

Curling his lip in disgust, Alden turned off his computer and stretched. Checking out the time, he realized he still had about a 10 minute wait for Sharon. Why am I so excited? Weve done stuff together before. Ugh, I need to relax…

Flopping backwards on the bed, Alden reached for his stereo remote and turned on the CD player before closing his eyes. Music always relaxes me. Ill just stay like this till I hear Sharons car arrive. Singing softly along with the song, he felt the tension slowly start to leave his body.

There’s something about the look in your eyes
Something I noticed when the light was just right
It reminded me twice that I was alive
And it reminded me that you’re so worth the fight

My biggest fear will be the rescue of me
Strange how it turns out that way
Could you show me dear…something I’ve not seen?
Something infinitely interesting

There’s something about the way you move
I see your mouth in slow motion when you sing
More subtle than something, someone contrives
Your movements echo that I have seen the real thing

Your biggest fear will be the rescue of you
Strange how it turns out that way
Could you show me dear…something I’ve not seen?
Something infinitely interesting

Letting himself become immersed in the music, he didnt even realize there was anyone at the door until he heard someone clapping and he opened his eyes to meet a pair of sparklingly green eyes. Jerking upright, he scrambled rather ungracefully off the bed and cleared his throat. Uh, hey Sharon, I didnt hear you come in.

Smiling in a way that made the adorable dimple in her cheek stand out (did I just call her adorable? This isnt good…), she winked and said Well, Im glad you didnt. Im your best friend and I dont even get to hear you sing very often. You have such a beautiful voice. Its a shame you dont do the vocals for the band.

Shaking his head, he gave her a lop-sided grin You know I freeze up in front of a crowd. Anyways, um, should we get going? Can you turn of the CD player while I grab a coat? Grabbing his coat from the door where he had purposefully set it, he turned around and took the opportunity to check out Sharon while she had her back turned, messing with the radio. God, shes gorgeous… Shes not wearing anything particularly fancy but then again she looks wonderful in anything she wears…

She had on a white, V-neck 3-quater length sleeved shirt and a pair of worn snug jeans. Finished off with a pair of heels and a simple necklace, she looked totally comfortable and as if she wasnt trying to look fancy but managed to look beautiful none-the-less. Focusing on the base of her neck, Alden groaned inwardly. That shirt is going to drive me insane… Her skin looks so soft that I just want to reach out and… And what? Stroke her? Yeah, that would go over real well… Shed probably kick my ass for molesting her or something… But, damn, thats so tempting….

Sharons POV

Focusing all her attention on the radio (even if it didnt require that much attention to find the power button), Sharon tried to keep her blush down. Alden looks so good… The blue of his polo shirt brings out his eyes and accentuates both his narrow waist and lean, muscular chest… his khakis fit him perfectly, not too baggy but not remotely tight… I never really noticed how nice a figure he had before. I mean I noticed… but right now Im noticing noticing… Is it hot in here or is it just me?

Pushing the power button, she turned around and found her drowning in his deep blue eyes. So… calm and soothing… just like his voice… God, its such a shame that hes so shy about his voice… its one of the best Ive ever heard… its one of those deep, smooth tenors and it always makes me shiver just listening to it…

Uh, Sharon? Blinking, she shook her head to clear her thoughts and smiled. Okay Ald, lets get going… Gesturing for him to go first, she grabbed her bag and headed towards the door just in time to inhale his scent as he walked out.

Oh…. wow… that smells really really good… its smells like Alden mixed with aftershave and guy smell… how am I suppose to last the night without doing anything… Wait…I can do something! Were going out after all… Well, I can use this as an opportunity to act on all the impulses Ive had around him… like to run my hands through his soft hair, or to kiss that spot right by his collarbone, or to wrap my arms around his narrow waist, or to nuzzle my face into that great spot every guy has on his shoulder (only this wont be any guy, this will be Alden), or… this is definitely going to be interesting…

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