Braceface Pornography Story: Operation Enlivenment Chapter Ten

Braceface Pornography Story: Operation Enlivenment Chapter Ten

Snickering to herself, she tip-toed up behind the 15-year-old and, when she got within arms reach, grabbed him around the waist and yelled in his ear. HI MICAH!!!

Yelping, the poor boy jumped about 2 feet in the air and managed to make even more of a mess of the kitchen then he previously had. SHARON!! Gah Dont DO that!!

Sticking out her tongue at him, Sharon reached up and ruffled his hair. Youre so cute when youre trying to cook.

Grumbling, Micah mock-glared. Trying? Im a master chef! Looking back down at the stove, he yelped again when he realized that the bottom of his pancake had turned a nice black color.

Laughing, Sharon gave Micah a quick hug so she knew he was teasing before asking, So wheres your dumbass brother?

Shrugging, Micah opened the trash can and threw the smoldering pancake in the garbage. I think hes watching a movie in his room or something

Dipping her finger in the pancake batter and licking it off, Sharon winked at an objecting Micah before making her way out of the kitchen and upstairs to Aldens bedroom.

Peaking around the door frame, Sharon grinned at the sight before her. There, sprawled out on his bedroom floor, was a ruffled, sleepy Alden, clad only in a pair of baggy sweats and a form-fitting white undershirt. Leaning against his bed, he appeared to be watching the tail-end of Moulin Rouge. Hmm, Aldie, you dont come across to me as a Moulin Rouge type guy

Blinking, Alden looked sleepily over towards the door. Oh, morning Shar. I was watching it with Micah and his girlfriend last night but I decided to give the two some time to, well, yeah, so I missed the ending

Running his hands through his hair, Alden let out a big yawn and patted the floor in front of him. Ignoring the weird fluttering feeling in her stomach, Sharon stepped over towards him and sat down in between his out-stretched legs. Feeling Aldens arms wrap around her from behind, she found herself pulled backwards until she was lying against Aldens muscled stomach.

Attempting to focus on the movie, Sharon found her attention constantly drawn back to things like how muscled Aldens stomach felt against her back or the deliciously faint smell of his cologne.

Bring herself back to reality, Sharon found herself breaking the silence by murmuring, I always loved this part of the movie
Aldens POV
Alden could hardly believe Sharon had actually accepted his invitation. Normally, Sharon might lean against him during a movie, or he might rest their feet across her legs, but never like this, never this close. He could feel her breathing as her flat stomach moved up and down within the confines of his arms. He was even close enough that to smell her. Leaning slightly forward, Alden breathed in the light, sweet scent that was Sharon.

I always loved this part of the movie

Shaking his head, Alden found himself jolted out of his daydreams. Clearing his throat, he mumbled, Yeah, its okay before falling back into silence.

Trying to focus on the movie, Alden found his eyes constantly wandering back to soft skin of Sharons shoulders that could be seen along her camisole. Staring intently, he ached to be able to lean forward and kiss the spot right at the crook of her neck.

Lifting his hand, Alden threaded it through her soft blonde hair and pulled it gently away from the graceful curve of her neck. Leaning forward unconsciously, he paused, breathing against the back of her neck, when he felt her shiver.

Running his hands up then back down her bare arms, Alden murmured huskily, Cold?

Resisting his urge to smile, Alden found himself focusing back on her neck. Reaching up, he gently started to gently knead the soft skin of her shoulders. Massaging down her back, he grinned to himself as he felt her completely relax back against him and even let out a slight moan as he massaged a particularly sore area. Pressing against her back, he closed his eyes and trailed his hands lower on her back, focusing all his attention on soothingly kneading the knots out of her back.

Hearing the door to his bedroom open, Alden growled and opened his eyes to look up and glare at his younger, apologetic-looking brother. Fucking idiot Raising an eyebrow, he sighed in irritation as Micah held out the phone to him then left the room. Lacing his fingers through Sharons, Alden wrapped his free arm around her waist. Rubbing his thumb lightly over her knuckled, Alden answered the phone. Alden here.
Sharons POV
Resting her head back against Aldens shoulder, Sharon found herself cursing the timing of the phone call. Had it not interrupted them, Alden would have still been massaging her Oh my god, that feels so good I had forgotten how good a masseuse he was

Sighing inwardly, Sharon divided her attention between the soothing feeling of Aldens stroking thumb and the half of his phone conversation she could hear.

What do you want

Frowning at the hostile tone in Aldens voice, Sharon shifted so she could look at his face. His face had gone from relaxed and happy to taunt and angry.

I dont think I have anything to talk to you about


Fine. Meet me there in an hour.

Turning off the phone, Alden clenched his jaw and stared hard out the window. Chewing on her lip, Sharon reached up and rested her hand on his shoulder, attempting to get his attention. Shifting his gaze from the window to her, Alden gave her a half smile and stood up. Cold without of the warmth of his arms around her, Sharon took his offered hand and stood up herself, wrapping her arms around her body. Who was that Alden?

Shaking his head, Alden waved off her question. Nobody.

Unsure, Sharon attempted again. Are you okay?

Giving her a smile that didnt reach his eyes, Alden nodded. Ive got to run a few errands so Ill see you later, okay?

Slightly hurt at being brushed off, Sharon nodded and watched Alden grab his car keys and head out the door. Walking over to the window, she watched him walk stiffly to his car, start it and reverse out the driveway.

Chewing on her lip again, Sharon frowned in confusion. Hugging herself against the suddenly cold feeling that washed over her, she pulled her jacket tighter around her small frame and headed towards the front door.

Now what was that all about?
Once again, sorry for the wait and short length Hopefully chapter 10 will be out soon so thatll make up for everything Dont be mad =/

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