Braceface Pornography Story: Match Made In Heaven Chapter Three

Braceface Pornography Story: Match Made In Heaven Chapter Three

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Chapter 3-

Water Fight

Sharon’s POV

We were sitting on Alden’s couch, and he was talking about…something. But I wasn’t concentrating on what he was saying. I was concentrating on his lips. They looked so…inviting. “Sharon? Hello? Earth to Blondie!!” he waved his hand in front of my face. “Huh? Oh, yeah.” I answered. “Do you even know what I was talking about?” he smiled. “Yeah. And I totally agree.” I nodded my head, not knowing what I just agreed to. “Fine then let’s go.” he grabbed my hand and pulled me into the backyard. “Umm..okay?” I was confused but I wasn’t about to say that. He ran ahead of me and when I caught up, he was holding a water hose. “Uhh..Alden? What are you doing?!” I asked, nervously. He smiled mischieviously and said, “I told you that a water fight would be fun at this weather.” I looked up at the sunny sky. “And you agreed.” he turned on the hose, and sprayed me with it. I screamed, and started running, but he jsut kept chasing me.

Alden’s POV

I chased Sharon with the hose, but she ran into the house. I knew that I couldn’t go inside the house with the hose, so I waited. I felt someone’s arms around my waist, and I turned around to see Sharon…dripping wet. And her t-shirt was white…Oh damn, doesn’t she not know what she does to me? I blushed slightly but did my best to hide it. By the time I got rid of the thoughts in my head, she had taken the hose from me and had sprayed me with it. “Haha. Now I got my revenge! Three cheers for sweet revenge!!” she started jumping around screaming ‘three cheers for sweet revenge’ over and over again. “Sharon calm down. You got me, you got me.” I grinned at seeing how happy she was. She suddenly stopped jumping when she saw me. She started to walk closer to me…


I started screaming that I had gotten my revenge. Then, I saw Alden. His clothes were sticking to his body like glue, and I could see his abs. He didn’t have like a six pack, but he was nicely built. He looked soo hot. I moved towards him, I wanted to touch him so badly. I wanted to kiss him…


I could see she was looking at me…she looked so intrigued. My eyes slowly moved from watching her face to her body. Her jeans were soaked…and her t-shirt…I could see right through it. Her flat stomach…her chest area. She sure has grown up into quite the lady. I just wanted to touch her…I wanted to kiss her so badly…

I felt her coming closer, but suddenly she turned around. “I’m getting cold. Can we go inside?” she said. I felt my heart sink. I thought she wanted to kiss me. I frowned as I started to follow her back inside.


I felt myself walking closer to if I was under a spell. But suddenly, I turned around. “I’m getting cold. Can we go inside?” I asked. I couldn’t do it. I was scared he didn’t feel the same about me than I did about him. After all, we were supposed to be like siblings, right? I shouldn’t be thinking of him this way. But he made me suffer. “Want me to give you a shirt or something?” he said…in a sort of monotone. I turned to look at him and his face was serious, but sort of sad. “Yeah, thanks.” I answered. I tried to smile, but I was so angry at myself for thinking the way I did about him. Alden started to walk up the stairs to his room and I followed him. He handed me a pair of sweatpants and a black t-shirt that said My Chemical Romance. “You left those sweatpants here a while ago, and I bought you the shirt at Hot Topic.” I smiled. “Thank you!” I stood up and gave him a hug and a kiss on the cheek. Then, I went into the bathroom to change, while Alden changed in his room. I hurried up and walked out of the bathroom to see Alden in his pants, but without a shirt. I just stood there…drooling. He didn’t seem to notice I was there, so I stayed as quiet as I could…enjoying the moment. When he put on his shirt, I frowned. Damn.

end chapter

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