Braceface Pornography Story: Dont Leave Let me go Chapter Four

Braceface Pornography Story: Dont Leave Let me go Chapter Four

Patrick looked at Sharon and smiled, he silently said something and
continued by saying, “Never mind.” In a louder voice. “I have to go, sorry,
I have a big exam to study for and three siblings to watch, see you later

He proceeded to get up from where he was sitting and walk away. Darn it
Sharon thought to herself while smiling He didn’t even give me a second

Sharon got up from her chair and went back to the room where he mother sat,
she looked worse, she looked tired and her skin was sort of yellow.

“Call your brothers and father!” The doctor squealed.

“But.” Sharon said shocked.

“Yes, I know, cell phones aren’t aloud in hospitals, use this phone

Sharon quickly dialed her dad’s house number and her house number, she
tried to dial as fast as she could but she couldn’t see right by the tears
in her eyes and couldn’t type fast because of her shaking hands. After her
calls she sat beside her mother and confessed everything.
“Mom, you remember when I was 18 (A.N, Sharon is about 22 at the time
and is in university but lives at home) and You said that I couldn’t go to
the crazy party at Nina’s house. Well I snuck out the window and Alden and
I slept together that night.” Sharon said bawling and amazed that something
like this could happen so quickly, she was than mad at Pat and thought,
It’s all his fault if he didn’t sit down and talk to me than I could have
been with my mom.
“Hey Shar, What’s going on right now, what’s wrong?” Alden said
walking over and giving her a hug than looking at her mother in shock. ”
Wha, Whaaa, What happened?” He than spoke terrified, just then Sharon’s two
brothers and father came running in the room and started speaking to their
poor mother/ ex wife. Just than Alden walked out of the room, to call Maria
and Connor and to give the family some time.
“Sharon, I need to tell you something that I really want to tell
you.” A person that Sharon couldn’t see said to her quietly.

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