Braceface Pornography Story: Last Day Of College Chapter 1

Braceface Pornography Story: Last Day Of College Chapter 1

“Last day of school!” she said jumping out of bed. She jumped and danced
until her dogs began to bark. She jumped off the bed and ran to the
“What to wear?” she said pulling out pink capris and a shirt with a blue
butterfly. Quickly, Sharon changed then ran to the bathroom. She brushed
her teeth, combed her hair and looked good. She winked at herself in the
mirror as she ran downstairs.

“Sharon, where are you going? You didn’t even eat yet!” Sharon stopped at
the door.

“Oh, come on mom! Last day of school, I want to get there early I
just wanna get there early!” She ran out the front door. She walked with
pep in her step. She spotted Conner and waved to him.

“Conner, last day of school!” Sharon said running over to him.

“I’m not so sure about that,” Conner said with the usual lag in his voice.

“What do mean by that Conner?” she asked, curious on what he meant.

“Well, we missed a week in the winter because of that snowstorm.” He said
looking at the ground.

“Oh Conner! Who cares! Everyone else is having their last day of school
today, so why cant we?” Sharon said, reaching towards the sky. Conner
sighed and shook his head as Sharon speed up towards Maria. Conner heard
them laughing and saw them run off.

“SEE YOU AT SCHOOL!” he yelled to them.

* * *

“Last day of school!” Sharon yelled walking into homeroom. Everyone
clapped and cheered with her. All but Nina, Nina looked at the ceiling and
yawned. Sharon ignored Nina as she walked to her desk. Maria sat next to
Sharon and everyone still talked loudly.

“AHEM,” their teacher said sharply. They all got quite and looked up.

“Due to our vacation from January, school will be extended another week.”
Everyone looked shocked, everyone but Conner. Angry voices filled the
room. Sharon still stared straight ahead.

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” Sharon screamed out.

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