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Braceface Cartoon Porn Story: "Why is Conner acting so strange – Chapter 3"

hello! yes i finally have another chapter on this thing! lets skip the talk and get to the point!

Conner stared at Sharon hoping she wouldn’t faint right there and then. Sharon kept her balance thankfully. Then she started to stare at Conner back. Thats when she finally noticed that Conner wasn’t breaking out with one of his rashes again. With amazment she ask Conner “Were you skipping school?!” Blankly conner ansewered ” yes, i didn’t have enough guts to say strait to your face yearlier that i had a crush on you. so i just painted my face so my mom would think it was a rash. when school ended i just washed it off.” suddenly Conner laughed at how funny it sounded and sharon sat down on the floor with a loud *THUD* and started to laugh herself. her completly bad day was turning much then eveything quieted down and the just stared at each other the next thing happend unexpectantly…Both of them got up and…
to be continued.
left you hanging there didn’t i. please review!

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Braceface Cartoon Porn Story: "Possibilities – Chapter 1"

So its probably not a smart idea for me to start another story when I havent finished the
other but I had an idea for a new story that I think might turn out well. Anyways, in this
story, Sharon and Alden never really stayed in touch. They dated a bit during school but
just drifted apart. This takes place about 10 years after high school and both are living
totally separate lives. But, of course, seeing as they are my favorite couple, thats all about
to change… Hope you like the beginning! Depending on your reviews Ill keep writing…

Disclaimer: Yeah, I know I know… I dont own Sharon or Alden or anything related to
the cartoon Braceface… -_-

Che Sara Sara
Chapter 1

Its kind of ironic that I find myself writing in a journal again… I havent done this since I
was back in school. And thats been almost 10 years… Bah… I feel all old and shit… Not
that Im not happy with how my life has turned out (because I am…) but that letter just
brings back old headaches…

Well, headaches isnt really the term Id use… Its more like regrets… Ive made some
pretty big mistakes in my life that Im not proud of… In middle school it was like I was on
top of the world… I was one of the prettiest, most popular girls in the school and I had my
best friend Maria and I had my boy Alden… I know it sounds egotistical but it was wonderful…

But then, along came the hell commonly referred to as high school… I guess hell isnt the right
ter Continue reading

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Braceface Cartoon Porn Story: "Decisions – Chapter 1"

Authors Notes:

I live in the US, so I have only seen episodes that have aired in the states so far. Any episodes aired after Miss Understanding will not apply here. I will also refer to a few episodes aired before Miss Understanding in this story. However, since there are some episodes that Disney never shows (like Worst First Date Ever), my memory might not be accurate on them. Feel free to correct me on anything I get wrong.

Disclaimer: I do not own Braceface. If I did, this show would be treated better in the US.

Sharon Spitz looked at the clock in her kitchen. It was 7:50. In about 10 minutes, her boyfriend, Alden Jones, would be over to study with her for a math test they had at school tomorrow. She got out all of her math books and heated up some popcorn.

She heard the bell ring and ran to the living room, knowing it was the love of her life. She answered the door and Alden was there waiting. He came in and she kissed him passionately.

After the kiss, they both walked into the kitchen. Sharon sat down in a chair and opened up a book.

Okay, we better get started on this. She finally spoke up I think we should look at the trigonometry first.

She started to turn a page in her book, but couldnt concentrate because Alden was kissing her neck.

Alden! She exclaimed, pushing him away.

What? He asked, sounding confused.

Were supposed to be studying!

Aw, do we have to do that now?

Yes! We have a test tomorrow. Remember?

But youre home alone, right?

Yeah, but…

What time are your mom and brother coming back at?

Josh is at a friends house and should be back around 9:30. My mom is speaking at some support group meetin Continue reading

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Braceface’s little brother is having his very first handjob and it seems he is liking it!

Braceface Hentai

Braceface Hentai

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Braceface Porn Story: "Last Day Of School – Chapter 2"

Sharon looked at Maria and Maria looked at Sharon. Conner gave Sharon a, Itold you so, look.

“But why? Everyone else is getting out today?” Sharon cried out. Brockstood up.

“This is totally unfair! Why should we stay another week while everyoneelse gets out?”

“Well, maybe there is a good reason for all of this. Why are we the onlyones still back in school?” Alden asked their teacher.

“Lets see, you aren’t the only school still in for a week. The other fivemiddle schools are still in for another two weeks to be lucky you only haveone more” Nina shook her head.

“Who cares Braceface? You guys are in school for one more week, boo-hoo,”Nina said.

“What do you mean by, you guys?” Brock said glaring at Nina from over hisglasses.

“I mean im going to Aspen tonight and im staying for two weeks so im notgoing to be here.” Allison coughed a little and Nina looked at her, “ohyea, Allison is coming with me.” Allison smiled at everyone as they begantalking even more rapidly and furiously. The bell rung and the day went on.

Sharon got home and opened the door and shut it with a slam.

“Why Sharon, I didn’t know you got to keep your books this year,” her momsaid putting some plates in the sink.

“We have another week of school mom. Another week,” Sharon said slammingher head on the table. Josh ran downstairs with two water guns.

“Wanna call Conner and Maria? We can have a water fight!” he said puttingthree of the guns on the table. Sharon knocked them off.

“To much homework,” She said looking up at Josh.

“So? You have all summer to do it,” he said sitting down.

“Not quite, we have another week of school.” Sharon grabbed her book bagand went upstairs, stomping her foot on every step. She threw her book bagdown and fell onto her bed. She groaned and looked up.

“Another week of hell,” she said closing her eyes.

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Sharon and Maria from “Braceface” have their own way of getting more votes… or they just love ganbangs and bukkake!

Braceface Breast Expansion

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with full naked little breasts cutie braceface spreads her legs to enjoy a dildo.

Braceface Porn

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Braceface Cartoon Sex

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Braceface and her dog having some nasty interspecies sex while the family is away

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Sharon Spitz likes to play in her bedroom… especially with herself

Braceface Cum

Sharon Spitz likes to play in her bedroom… especially with herself
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