Braceface Pornography Story: Memories Chapter 1

Braceface Pornography Story: Memories Chapter 1

Neptunes Heart Presents

A Yin Yang Yo! Fanfiction Production


One: Lost in the Snow





a pretzel on top?

mean, NO!


the last time, NO!!

Master Yo!! Yin whined in frustration, It wasnt my fault! It
was Yangs!!

fault!? her blue brother Yang shot back, What do you mean MY

were the one who wrecked the kitchen!

was doing some experiments!

I already told you that people cant make fruit smoothie tornadoes
when they leave the cap off blenders!!

now I know it!!!

YOU TWO!!! Their panda master grabbed them both by their ears to
prevent them from tearing each other into bits, I dont care
whose fault it was, you both are going to clean the kitchen!

not fair!! the pink bunny pouted at her elder, I didnt do
anything! Why cant I go out and play with my friends!?

Yang crossed his arms in-matter-of-factly, I thought we had the
day free when it snowed!!

Yo dropped his students on the floor, Well, you better think about
it next time you BLOW UP THE KITCHEN!! saying this, he pulled out
a pretzel, And now, Im going to take a nap. Dont sneak away
while Im sleeping, SPECIALLY YOU, YANG!! and he closed the door
with a loud slam.

their master left, both rabbits looked at the kitchen they had to
clean. The walls were covered in a thick layer of strawberry
smoothie, and the floor had big, slippery chunks of fruit over it.

glared at her brother while pulling out some sponges, gloves and a
bucket, Well done Yang! You screw up the kitchen and I have to
waste my day cleaning it!

retorted back at his sister while scrubbing the floor, Well,
excuse ME for trying to solve some of the mysteries of the universe!!
I though you like strawberry smoothies and cleaning, anyway!

do! Yin was trying to clean the walls with soap, But not like
this-Oh great,


pink rabbit pulled out a chunk of the now rock-solid smoothie,
pulling part of the real wall with it, and gave her brother another

just shrugged, Good luck with that, and stuffed his mouth with
strawberry chunks.

felt her blood boil. Sometimes having a twin brother was as bad as
cleaning the outhouse after Master Yo had eaten 4 extra-large
burritos. And THAT wasnt nice.


hours passed while the rabbits still cleaned the kitchen, and they
had just cleaned half of it. Yin was pulling out dried-up smoothie
with a chisel when Yang threw his mop to the floor and crossed his
arms in a pout.

she didnt even bother to look at him while she changed her now
broken chisel with a jackhammer, the floor will not clean by

tired of cleaning the kitchen, he turned to his sister with a
mischievous smile, Lets sneak away!

you nuts? Master Yo said we shouldnt sneak outSpecially you-
her jackhammer broke, Pellets!

alright Yang was already at the door, passing through a
dead-asleep Master Yo, if you want to be a good girl and clean the
kitchen all by yourself, I wont stop you.

faced the kitchen, which despite the fact it was halfway clean, it
still looked like a wreckage. If peeling the walls was bad enough,
she didnt want to imagine how it was to clean the strawberry
infested floor.

..Fine. You win, Yang.



Ack! Dang it, Yang! Yin growled at her brother,
who was eating an ice cream and shuddering with cold, Could you
please NOT shout in my ear!?

I-I-I c-cant h-help it, Y-Yin, the blue rabbit
could barely talk through his gritted teeth, T-this ice c-cream is
f-freezing my b-brain

Yin snorted and replied sarcastically, Oh, so now you
have a brain? Only a moron would eat ice cream IN THE MIDDLE OF

H-hey! Yang shoved his half-eaten ice cream on his
sisters nose, Its ALWAYS a g-good time t-to eat ice


It w-wasnt me t-this time!! Yang shoved the
snowball of his face. In front of him, Roger Jr, Dave and Coop were
having a snowball fight, and Roger was waving at him, Hey Yang!
Come here and playunless youre a chicken-HEY! that last
remark had gained him a snowball in the face from an insulted Coop.
I *bawk* told you *bawk* I didnt like those remarks

Youll be sorry, wimp! Roger Jr started making a
big snowball, not realizing that Dave was inside it. Let me down!!
Dont throw me! DONT THROW ME!!

Hey! Wait for me guys! Yang absentmindly threw the
ice cream away, which landed on Yins head much to her dismay. He
turned to his sister, not seeing the ice cream that trickled down her
face, You coming, Yin?

She vaguely smiled, preventing herself from slapping her
brother, No thanks, Yang. I think Ill go find my friends

Okay Yin! Oh and say hi to Lena for me! Yang then
started to drool on the spot. Yin slowly backed away and searched for
her friends.

After half an hour, she hadnt been successful. Her
friends Katy and Paige were still mad at her for blasting them when
she invited them to a slumber party and Yang turned them into
zombies. Lena had forgiven her, but since winter arrived, she was
more than busy helping her father at the farm. She thought of
returning with Yang, but she didnt want to waste her time with
stupid boys, and she certainly DIDNT want to be near Coop.

She was crossing the street when she saw the forest. She
then remembered that apple trees grew inside it, and that there were
many leftover apples that nobody had grabbed in autumn. And apples
were better than ice cream at this time of year. As she got into the
forest, she looked around at branches for a red, juicy apple, but
without success.

Apples, appleswhere can I find- she froze in
her tracks, Oh my gosh.

Someone (or something) was lying before her. Whatever it
was, it was bright red and dull green, barely dressed in a yellowish
red shirt. She stepped closer for a better watch, and much to her
horror, discovered that the red was actually blood, and that the
shirt was stained with it.

Whatever it was, it was badly hurt. It was dying.

Without thinking, Yin took off her jacket and wrapped it
around the body. She started shaking it, hoping for him of her to
wake up, Please, please wake up. Please! She then turned the
body to at least see the face. A strained scream escaped her throat.

It was Yuck.

His face was also stained with blood, and his left eye
was black and swollen. His arms were covered in cuts, shallow and
deep. His yellowish blood-stained dojo shirt was torn, exposing part
of his chest, which was also covered with different wounds.

Yin felt numb for a minute. Yuck had hurt her and her
brother so many times, he even tried once to kill Master Yo.but
still, she couldnt leave him to die in the snow.

But what if he was dead already?

She put her hand on his chest. She felt slow heartbeat
under her hand. At least he was alivebut for how long?

With all the strength she could muster, she lifted Yuck
and hurried to the dojo. She couldnt even pause to look for her
brother. When she got to the dojo, she banged furiously at the door.
Master Yo, please open! Its an emergency!!

Not much time had passed when she was received by an
gaze fell on Yuck, Oh dear God.

Theres no time! I dont know for how long he
will resist!! Yin felt warm tears forming in her eyes. Did she
really care that much for Yuck?

Master Yo stared at her in horror, Yin, I know that
Yuck has hurt us, and specially you, but was THIS really necessary?

Huh? It took Yin a few seconds to get the message,
NO! I didnt do this to him! I found him on the forest and-

Oh really? the old pandas face was red with
shame, Im sorry, is that I thought that-


Wha-Oh sorry! he grabbed Yucks body from Yins
arms. The green rabbit child seemed to shrink, compared to the old
but bulky panda that carried him inside.

Yin stood there at the porch, watching how Master Yo
carried Yuck to the nursing room. A single thought crossed her mind.

Please, I beg you. If you can hear me, dont let
him die.


And thats Chapter One for you, folks! In my opinion,
this will be a better story than the Ancient 3! This story was
inspired in a dream I had!


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