Braceface Pornography Story: At The Park – Chapter 1

Braceface Pornography Story: At The Park – Chapter 1

Title: At the Park

Maria tossed and turned on her bed, trying to fall back to sleep. She had
woken up several minutes ago and couldn’t seem to fall back asleep.

She turned her head to read her alarm clock. “5:05 a.m.” Maria gasped. She
wondered why she had wakened up so early, it was only Saturday. Covering
her face with a pillow Maria began to curse in Chinese.

After 5 minutes of cursing she sat up and decided to stop trying. Getting
up from her bed, she walked towards her closet. ‘Maybe I’ll go skating in
the park. It’s been a while since I took time to do that.’ She thought as
pulled out a jacket from her closet.

Maria quickly changed into her clothes, placing on the red jacket she had
just pulled out of her closet. ‘I wish Sharon could go with me.’ she
thought, but then quickly shook her head at the though. ‘Sharon awake at
this time, willing to go to skate in the park? That would be a miracle.’
Maria giggled at the thought.

Maria left her room smiling as she thought of her best friend. Sharon was
someone who had always been there for Maria, whenever she needed anyone.
EXCEPT, when it came to sports. Hmm, she although would support Maria in
what ever she did, watch her practice help her train. But Sharon would
always decline almost any sport invitation, and on rare occasions accept
them. ‘I wished there was someone I could do these things with.’ Maria
thought as she sighed.

Conner shared almost the same enthusiasm as Sharon when it came to sports.
Although he would accept the invitations more often then Sharon, as much as
he wouldn’t he would decline most because of his allergies that would act
of because of the sport.

Leaving the condo, she closed the door and took a deep breath of the fresh
air. Smiling to herself she was glad that she had waken up so early. It was
a long time since she had time to do this and run. Putting on her backpack
that carried her skates, Maria began to jog out of the gate.

Wiping off a bit of sweat she had falling from her forehead, she slowly
came to a stop as she came to a bench nearby the park. Maria took a seat,
and took off the backpack she carried.

‘I think I’ll skate now.’ She thought as she began to catch her breath.
Maria took off her shoes and had her skates on in a matter of minutes.
Feeling better after a few minutes of rest Maria stood up and began to
skate into the park.

Looking at her watch, Maria realized it was only 5:45. Maria skated looking
at the empty park. ‘Things seem so peaceful.’ She thought as she saw some
birds flying around. Maria’s mind began to clear from all the things that
had been stressing her throughout the week. She was amazed on how many
things had taken so much out of her. Just as Maria was about to skate to
the nearest bench a voice had called her name in the silence.

“Maria.” Yelled a voice that seemed pretty far in distance.

Turning around, Maria was surprised to see his face. “Alden.” She whispered
shocked to see him so early on the Saturday morning. Realizing he hadn’t
possibly heard her she repeated his name louder. “Alden!”

“I thought that was you skating.” Called out Alden as he laughed, skating
up to her.

“Really?” asked Maria as she smiled at the guy who skated towards her.

“Haha, yeah.” Laughed Alden as he finally stood in front of her, as he
brushed his hand through his brown hair. “What you doing awake Maria?” he
asked after he caught his breath.

“I couldn’t sleep, so I decided I’d go skating. It’s been a while.”
Answered Maria as she began to skate to the nearest bench. Alden followed
right behind her.

The two friends sat down next to each on the bench and seem to soak up the
fresh morning air. Maria looked at the quite dark sky, it was almost 6, and
she knew around 6 something she would see the sunset.

“You want to join me skating?” asked Alden as he stood up slowly from the
bench, turning to face Maria.

“Sure, that would be nice.” Replied Maria as she stood up and joined Alden.

“So how come your awake at this time?” asked Maria, as the two began to
skate. She had just realized she didn’t bother to ask.

“Oh, I guess I had some things on my mind. I couldn’t sleep.” Alden
replied, smiling at the thought.

“I see.” Replied Maria as she nodded her head.

“How are things going with Sharon?” asked Alden, turning the subject away
from him. It had already been 7 months since they broke up, although they
were friends Alden and Sharon hardly had time to talk to one another.

“Well, you know Sharon, if something makes her upset she’ll find a way or
make a way to make it better.” Answered Maria as the cool breeze blew
against her. “But, she’s ok, her and Conner are doing fine.”

“That’s good.” Said Alden as he smiled at Maria.

“So how are you doing Maria?” asked Alden, as he quickly glanced at her.
“It’s been a while since we’ve talked.”

She knew he had referred to the day she called him when she had a bad day.
“Well, I’ve been ok.” She replied smiling at Alden.

“How are you and Nina?” Maria quickly added to change the subject.

“Well, you know Nina . she’s always got to have things the way she likes.”
Sighed Alden as he began to skate. “But, as for us, I guess you could say
we’re ok. If there’s even an ‘us’ to begin with, I’m not sure it’s going to
be anything serious.

Maria nodded her head as the two still began to skate. “So how about you?”

“Oh, I’ve been great. We have a gig next Saturday for the band. So I guess
things are good.” Alden replied.

“That’s good.” Said Maria.

“Hey you want to race?” asked Alden almost immediately after Maria had

“Haha, are you serious?” laughed Maria as she looked at Alden quickly

“Yeah, are you up to it?” asked Alden, stopping in front of Maria as he
looked into her eyes.

“You bet.” Exclaimed Maria, excited to have someone to race with.

The two lined up next to one another. “To the bench we were at.” Said Alden
as he pointed forward.

“Let’s do this.” Answered Maria, as she got ready.

“Well then . ready set go!” yelled Alden as the two began to race back to
where they came from.

Maria laughed as she and Alden began to cheat as they tried to pull
another’s sweater or jacket to slow the person down.

When they finally reached the bench, the two fell on the grass in laughter.

“You cheated.” Maria managed to cry out through her laughter.

“Like you didn’t.” laughed Alden as he sat up.

Maria’s laughter died down as she sat up to Alden. “That was fun.” She
commented as soon as it was quiet.

“Hey you want to go watch the sunset?” asked Alden looking at Maria.

“What?” asked Maria as she began to blush.

“You want to watch the sunset. Its almost 6:45 am” Alden asked ask again.

“Uh, sure .” replied Maria as she took off her bag. She then began to take
out her roller blades to switch into her shoes.

Alden quickly followed as he took off the black bag Maria didn’t notice he
was wearing. In a few moments the two sat with their shoes on.

“Ready?” asked Alden as he stood up, and extended his hand out to her.

“Yup.” Replied Maria as she shyly grabbed his hand, and helped her up.

After Maria stood up, Alden’s grip loosened and he began to walk to a small
hill in the park. Maria walked next to him, breathing in the cold morning

As they finished walking up the small hill Alden slowly sat down, as Maria
sat beside him. And the two stared off at the clear sky in front of them.

“Hmm. It’s been a long time since I’ve done this.” Whispered Maria as her
eyes was enchanted with the sight in front of her.

“With your boyfriends?” asked Alden, too quickly to stop himself.

“No.” giggled Maria at the thought.

Alden only nodded as they began to see the first sunrays hit the sky.

“It’s so beautiful.” Whispered Maria, as the sky began to slowly light up.

“Hmm.” Replied Alden as he placed his hand on the ground behind Maria’s
back, so she could slightly feel his arm behind her. “Its like one of those
moments that make you forget everything bad you ever known.” Whispered
Alden as he kept his eyes toward the sky.

Maria nodded in agreement and they sat in silence in their momentary bliss
of life’s beauty.

“So why were you alone this morning?” asked Alden, after she had nodded her

“Well, you know Sharon and Conner they’re not much sport people, hehe, even
if they are willing to come out with me like this, they’re not really
morning people.” Giggled Maria as she sighed.

“I see.” Replied Alden.

“Yah, I need some new friend or something.” Joked Maria as she referred to
her loneliness.

“Hey you got me.” smiled Alden as he grabbed her hand.

Maria laughed “I know.” as Alden continued to hold her hand.

Realizing this after their laughter died down, Alden quickly released her
hand, and the two giggled nervously and turned their attention back to the

That was too weird, thought Maria, as she stared off at the sky in front of
her. Did her and Alden share a moment? Shaking her thoughts away, she had
told herself it was merely nothing and just a friend thing and let go of
her thoughts.

After the sun had completed raised, Alden broke the silence. “Do you need a
ride home?” he asked as he turned to face Maria.

“You drove?” asked Maria, snapping out of reality.

“Yah, what do you say?” asked Alden, as he stood up.

“Sure, if that’s ok with you.” Replied Maria as she stood up next to him.

“Let’s go then.” Said Alden and the two made their way to his car.

Alden unlocked his car with his eyes, and they both took a seat.

“Hmm. Its warm in here.” Giggled Maria as she placed her seatbelt on.

Alden laughed as he turned the engine on. As he drove turned into Maria’s
street, Maria broke the silence in the car.

“Thanks Alden.” She replied quickly glancing at him.

“Yah don’t mention it. Hmm, maybe if you’re up to it we can do this again.”
Smiled Alden as he gave her wink.

Maria smiled, and quietly said “sure” as he drove in front of her condo.

“I’ll walk you in.” replied Alden as he turned off the engine and opened
his door.

“Its ok.” Replied Maria, which was a little too late when she realized he
was already standing outside of his car.

The two walked towards her door. “I had a nice time Alden, thanks. It’s
been a while since I got to do this kind of stuff.” Maria replied as she
stopped in front of her door.

“Me too. And your welcome, maybe we can do it again.” He replied.

“That sounds great.” Smiled Maria. “Maybe we could do something else and
hang out.”

“Sure, we’ll talk about it.” Replied Alden. “heh, I guess I’ll get going.”
He then quickly replied nervously, brushing his hand through his hair like
he did earlier that morning.

“Yah, its almost 7:30.” Maria replied as she quickly glanced at her watch.

“Well see you.” Said Alden, but before walking off, he took a step towards
Maria and quickly kissed her on the cheek.

Maria opened her mouth silently in shock. But before she could say anything
Alden’s back was already facing her and he was jogging off in the distance.

Maria stood there smiling to herself as she watched Alden hop into his car.
Turning to her door, she thought to herself “There’s a lot I need to think
about.” Maria sighed as she walked into her house.

***Hope you enjoyed my story. Its not as detailed as I thought I’d make it
but I hope it was still nice. Please review if you can!***

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