Braceface Pornography Story: Dont Leave Let me go Chapter Three

Braceface Pornography Story: Dont Leave Let me go Chapter Three

Sharon unlocked the front door quickly and let her two brothers in than
locked it as her hands shook. She than decided to run up to her bedroom and
locked her door, she never felt so upset in her life. She suddenly jumped
with surprise, something awoken her from her daydreaming, the phone
ringing, which made her ears sing in annoyance. I really should fix my
phones ring. She thought as she than jumped in remembrance of what every
person does when the phone rings.
“Hello, Spitz residence, Sharon speaking” Sharon said only to hear
the dial tone, yet the phone still rang. Mom’s office. Sharon thought to
herself, still knowing full well that her mom forbids her to answer that
phone. But she’s not here. She thought again, prancing down the stairs
hoping to answer the phone before the last ring.
“Hello, Spitz residence, Sharon speaking.” Sharon said relieved that
there was no dial tone.
“Hello Sharon, It’s Doctor Heels (A.N, I just made that name up) you
might want to come here quick!” The person spoke as the doctor suddenly
hung up.
A lot ran through Sharon’s mind, What could it be? She questioned
herself, she than jumped up from the chair grabbed her keys and yelled that
she would call her brothers when she got there, not wanting to wait for

“Sharon, You’re here!” Doctor Heels spoke with tears in his eyes. “Go
see your mother, it’s a miracle!”

Sharon ran into the room excited to see what happened her mom’s bed
was put up so it was like she was sitting and she looked much better, and
they took the oxygen tub out so she could talk.
“Mom!” Sharon cried holding tight onto her mother. “I’m so sorry, I’m
such a bitch, You should hate me!”
“Sharon, It’s alright, It’s all my fault and I forgive you, even
though you should be forgiving me, but you don’t have to.” Her mother said
trying to smile, while looking very pale.

“Sharon, please go in the waiting room, there are many more people
here to see your mother.

Sharon nodded and gave her mom a hug than went to the waiting room
and pulled out the recent magazine that she had purchased. Just than a
total gorgeous guy walked in and knocked on the door (he looked sort of
like Alden but was five thousand times more gorgeous than him) “May I sit
here?” He asked trying to search for her eyes.
“Sure, it’s not like I own the place or anything.” Sharon said
giggling a bit having a strong feeling that her mother was going to live,
she couldn’t help to notice that the guy was checking her out, of course he
was! She didn’t have braces and her annoying voice anymore!
“Thanks, My mom’s in the hospital with SARS.” He said frowning. “My
name is Patrick by the way, but people call me Pat.
“I’m so sorry! My mom’s in the hospital with cancer, but it looks
like she’s recovering, and it’s nice to meet you Pat, My name is Sharon but
people call me Bear.” She said while holding back the urge to hug him.

He than looked at her than smiled, opening his mouth numerous times
to say something, yet saying nothing, than finally spoke. “Can I ask you

“Sure, go for it.” Sharon spoke looking deeply in his amazing blue eyes.

How did u like it? R/R, I’m busy right now with sports and stuff but I will
have the next chapter up soon.

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